Two great dinners in 1 week

I know…. it’s been long time no blog, but here’s my week of titillating cuisine and conversation. 

Wednesday I had a lovely dinner with great friends at 5 on Ryneveld. We did wraps, burgers and I had the ribeye special. The yummy veggies with a perfect rare ribeye steak for only R 90 was just what the chef ordered. The company was delightful and i just loovv their decor. Our table was in the library room. When I grow up someday, I too want a room with the alphabet letters on the ceiling and books on the walls. I felt so well read after the night.

Now…. On Thursday night me and my fam went to Pierneef à La Motte. On arrival we got a lovely glass of Millennium and snacks to nibble on like biltong, nuts, droëwors and vegetable crisps, while enjoying the art collection. There after we had a very interesting lecture about the history and different styles of Cape furniture. But the best part is still to come. The dinner afterwards at the restaurant. We had a choice between a pea and Parmesan risotto or a rich meat and bone marrow soup. For a starter we got the cutest eatable breadbasket with a variety of small buns. The Shiraz bun was my favorite. The risotto was served in a wooden bowl and garnished with sourgrass (lemon clover) and a Parmesan crisp. The flavor in the risotto was delish, but personally I felt that the risotto could have been cooked a bit longer. But still, who doesn’t love a big bowl of risotto??

In two weeks I’m having a high tea, busy planning the menu and so on. Can’t wait to bake some lovely cakes, cupcakes and quiches. Will try not to forget to take photo’s before everything is eaten up by my friends.

Happy baking everybody!