Banana bread because we can

I didn’t plan to bake anything, but with my new Kenwood, I am always in the mood to bake. When my mother told me we had old bananas that would be great for banana bread, I was hooked. I got the recipe out of Huisgenoot magazine recipe magazine. It is my first time baking a banana bread and this recipe was easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Happy baking!


I know its been a long time…

Every time I think I have time to bake or cook  I actually don’t have the time. Honours in Afrikaans Dutch is really kicking my but!  Hopefully its gonna be better in June and then I will cook something scrumptious and bake one hell of cake.

I really miss the blogging. It’s  how I think therapy is supposed to be like. You just keep feeling better and better while you do it. And when it’s over you start looking forward to the next one.

Every time I see a photo of a gourmet canape or a cake with fruit I think of all the photo’s I can take and how when somebody see’s it, they will just want and need to take a bite. So I am very excited to do the next post. Whenever in June that will be. Hopefully in the first week.

So happy baking and cooking!