The best thing since free wine tasting…

So… every twee weeks, in summer, the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes and Stellenbosch 360 transforms the lower part of Church street in the Street Soiree. There is always a variety of wine farms , like Middelvlei, Brampton, Delheim and Peter … Continue reading

My terminology list*****

  1. Wine time: This means, that if you like to cook for relaxation, it will take this long. There will be time for a glass of wine, but if you are on the run, you can do it in half the time!

  2. t: This is that cute dangling spoon(teaspoon) that you use a lot of times.
  3. Vanilla Powder: Loving this new product (maybe it is not new, but fr me it), you can use this instead of a vanilla pod of a vanilla bean. 1 t = 1 vanilla bean/pod .
  4. De-lish: Short for delicious , and loving the sound of it!

New day… new pot of popcorn

So… I’m actually posting my first post! Yay! This is evidence of me, Susann Marais, starting to pop new ideas in the right direction and share some recipes, cafe’s and lovely cakes and dishes with people who also share the same popping passion!!Image