The best thing since free wine tasting…

So… every twee weeks, in summer, the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes and Stellenbosch 360 transforms the lower part of Church street in the Street Soiree. There is always a variety of wine farms , like Middelvlei, Brampton, Delheim and Peter Falke Wines. Also to be enjoyed are de-lish foodies from The Big Easy or stalls that sells some lovely sweet treats.

And the best part: it is easy and cheap like a chappie, because it only costs you R 20 and if you return the glass, they return your R 20. Oh yea, just want to say thank you for this amaze-balls event that Stellenbosch Wine Route organise for us foodies and wine appreciators. Last night I went with a few awesome people (you know who you are), and it was a night to remember. Not to warm, but sunny enough that I joined the picaninnies and wrote my blog name on the road. Fun fun! So if you haven’t been, come and join the wine time on the 13th or 27th of March, from 17:00-19:30.

Any other info you may need:

Tel: 021 886 8275/021 886 4310

Stellenbosch Street Soirees Facebook page.


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